Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 4

   This week also brightened my week, because my father returned from Mecca. Ok this week I was still a ''clerk " huhu . I still make the indexing as before, progress has also increased because of too excited.
On Tuesday, the boss told me that the Arkib Kerja Raya staff called us to take the plan from them to scan. Almost  8000 pieces of plan are taken. On Wednesday I again went to the Arkib Kerja Raya this time to help the staff there to remove the drawing or plan from “dokumen kontrak” is very difficult because the drawing should be cut from the document. I have to be careful because one step would endanger me. Two days I was there, estimated 150 new books that we have completed. After that, all books brought back to the office to scan. On the same day, I also apply permission from boss to take my dad at the airport and the application approved. This makes me feel very grateful =) on Friday my family went to the airport together.

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