Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My last week @ DSTSB

Hi everyone :-) I feel relief and quite sad because it is already the last week for my internship program.  Ok first of all, all my work has been complete which all the data completed key in. I felt very thankful to complete all the work even though my work is scanning and key in data. Firstly my indexing work went smoothly until the day Friday. Even a last week, my work is still same as usual. Average around 2000 drawing I already key in. its means my mission has been achieve. In DSTSB, I get a lot of valuable experience during this internship programme. It’s true the working environment is very different. Two important things I learned are the discipline and work commitments. Especially on punctuality and giving 100% commitment on works given.

This experience will I practiced for preparation to enter the real working world after my graduation in 6months time.i felt kind of mixed feelings with joy, fun, sad and manymore. thanz anyway to Digital Space Technologies Sdn Bhd Because Giving meoppurtunity to complete my internship. assalamualikum =)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 7

Hye all..This week I want to update my daily tasks as usual. Is not anything but is making indexing. :-) About nearly 12 000 pieces of drawings has been index. Alhamdulillah thanks to God, I do not think I can complete it to the extent of this. After all week of release I had no mood want to do the work. On Dec 16, 2010 at 10:30 am, I was invited by Abg Chai to Malaysia Examination Council (MEC) in the Selayang to send the letter quotes. emmm . For the information, Abg Chai is one DSTSB staff who served as a programmer. Quotation letter is his latest project for this year. The project is creating systems for MUET online payment method. I got a lot of experience during submit quotation letter. Example like the process of creating quotation letter, procedure and technique how to success in the auction process. After done submit that form, I go back to the office and do my task as usual.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

week six

Hallo..Earlier this week I was not excited to do work like always. Don’t know why I was less enthusiastic, maybe because I’m doing the same tasks. However, I have to fight my laziness because I feel it all task its important and I have give 100% commitment. I have continued my work as usual, by making the indexing, is to ensure that the work can be completed on time were determined. Apart from doing regular work done this week, we received a visitor from a company that I do not know the name of the company actually. Purpose of this company to come here is the same as JKR, but I'm quite surprised that with their attendance, they have asked us to make a demonstration for them. Such things are not so favored by the boss because he had violated the work ethic. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 5

Assalamualaikum. I was very excited because just returned from a holiday with my friends in Melaka. Alhamdulillah everything goes smoothly, the time is passed become quickly. This week I got my first salary as a internship student, Wow this time I expected. Work is still going on as usual which makes indexing.
On Tuesday morning, after I entering office, Cik Arif give me the task to post some important documents to clients, I hurried to the post office at Jalan Gurney, after finish all the task I came back to office and do my work as usual.
We understand that the JKR officers would visit on Thursday, some preparation is done to ensure no bad issues regarding the work environment, both within and outside the office, equipment and everything come out from his own view.
On the day of the waiting, we are asked to make a demo of the work flow. A total of 7 staff members who were present during this trip. I also show how all the data stored in the database. After that, some of the questions we ask as the number of data that can be completed within a day and about the safety issue of this drawing. Overall they were satisfied with what we do and I continue to continue my work. Friday, the excitement of waiting for has arrived, this time for rest periods and working time feels short. I continue my work until 5.30pm. Thats all for this week. I Afiq Asyraf from Digital Space Technologies Sdn Bhd. See you next week.. wassalam!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 4

   This week also brightened my week, because my father returned from Mecca. Ok this week I was still a ''clerk " huhu . I still make the indexing as before, progress has also increased because of too excited.
On Tuesday, the boss told me that the Arkib Kerja Raya staff called us to take the plan from them to scan. Almost  8000 pieces of plan are taken. On Wednesday I again went to the Arkib Kerja Raya this time to help the staff there to remove the drawing or plan from “dokumen kontrak” is very difficult because the drawing should be cut from the document. I have to be careful because one step would endanger me. Two days I was there, estimated 150 new books that we have completed. After that, all books brought back to the office to scan. On the same day, I also apply permission from boss to take my dad at the airport and the application approved. This makes me feel very grateful =) on Friday my family went to the airport together.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 3 @ DSTSB

Holla everyone…This week I was given a different task, indexing. after working hard to complete 30 000 copies of plans for the scan, now it is time to save all data into the database. First, my supervisor gives guidance on how to index data. It’s so very easy to do, each one drawing will be index regarding on 4 important things where is the name of the project, sub-topics, a number of drawings and plan number. I started working after the briefing, there are 3 batch of plan  to be in the index, on average, each batch contains 10 000 plan. An average of 800-1200 can be done if I do not feel bored to do =) This week feels happy because the Muslims celebrate the Hari Raya Haji and all the staff of Digital Space Technologies is given a break for 3 days. That all for this week, I really appreciate the leave, this is the time for to visit all my relatives.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 2

Hye all.. On Monday I was still scanning the drawing, I still do a same work, work began to slow as there are many plan @ drawing that are tear and blur. It is because the plan  is over the age of 50 years . I had to patch up the tear plan first and for the blur plan clarity should be changed on the machine settings to produce high quality output as that is required by the JKR. Finally a total of 30 000 drawings plan were already to be scanned and packing for this week, each a bundle plan will be categorized according to the number on the box. Alhamdulillah. I feel really enjoyed being able to get the job done quickly, because of my cooperation with team members. On Friday my boss and I went to ‘Arkib Kerja Raya’ at JKR Jalan Sultan Salahuddin opposite to Bank Negara to return the plan and take a new drawing to be scanned. I was allowed into the ‘Arkib Kerja Raya’ and I was surprised because there are many boxes that contain the old plan. The estimate in a box containing 700 pieces of plan. So, the plan that has been completed scanned will be put it into the original box which categorize by box number. Lastly for this week, I also compiling all drawing on the table, I just cannot believe it’s almost the weekend so this is time for me to rest, see ya next week .. byee

Saturday, November 6, 2010

1st week at Digital Space Technologies

1st day

Today is the first day Internships me, I come as early as 820 am, I feel very excited and at the same time a bit nervous because the first day I started my job because I have not worked since 2008. My internship place is at Digital Space Technologies Sdn Bhd situated at Blok L, Information Technology Centre UTM, Jalan Semarak . My bike is my main transportation to the office. First of all, I met with the Digital Space Technologies CEO Encik Mohammad Arif Tarmizi and my supervisor Miss Suharnina Farhida binti Ishaq. After that I met with other staff. As usual, on the first day of no work assigned to me just explain me how to work and also little about the background of this company. Digital Space Technologies is a private limited company and was incorporated with the main objective is to provide implementation based on information technology innovation, sales and excellence services. Back to the topic, I was explained by the boss on their latest project is database management system for JKR. This project involves drawing or plan that should be scanned and stored in the database.

2nd & 3rd day

I got instructions from my boss to help miss suharnina to scan the drawing. I helping to pack again drawing after the scan is completed, what can I say is the work is easy and enjoy. I still helping miss suharnina to wrap the drawing, after the completion of a bundle pack, I was brief by kak su on how to use the scanner machine. A few simple steps must be done and then we can scan the drawing or plan. After lunch break, I started to practice what is taught and scan all the drawing by my own. Almost all the drawings in A0-size scan for today. I do this work until the end of working hours.

4th day

As usual, I'm still scanning drawing but this times in different sizes in which A1 size, the work went well for drawing no damaged as to be torn. After finished scan drawing, the supervisor will monitor the work I do to ensure the work is to follow JKR requirements.