Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 2

Hye all.. On Monday I was still scanning the drawing, I still do a same work, work began to slow as there are many plan @ drawing that are tear and blur. It is because the plan  is over the age of 50 years . I had to patch up the tear plan first and for the blur plan clarity should be changed on the machine settings to produce high quality output as that is required by the JKR. Finally a total of 30 000 drawings plan were already to be scanned and packing for this week, each a bundle plan will be categorized according to the number on the box. Alhamdulillah. I feel really enjoyed being able to get the job done quickly, because of my cooperation with team members. On Friday my boss and I went to ‘Arkib Kerja Raya’ at JKR Jalan Sultan Salahuddin opposite to Bank Negara to return the plan and take a new drawing to be scanned. I was allowed into the ‘Arkib Kerja Raya’ and I was surprised because there are many boxes that contain the old plan. The estimate in a box containing 700 pieces of plan. So, the plan that has been completed scanned will be put it into the original box which categorize by box number. Lastly for this week, I also compiling all drawing on the table, I just cannot believe it’s almost the weekend so this is time for me to rest, see ya next week .. byee

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