Saturday, November 6, 2010

1st week at Digital Space Technologies

1st day

Today is the first day Internships me, I come as early as 820 am, I feel very excited and at the same time a bit nervous because the first day I started my job because I have not worked since 2008. My internship place is at Digital Space Technologies Sdn Bhd situated at Blok L, Information Technology Centre UTM, Jalan Semarak . My bike is my main transportation to the office. First of all, I met with the Digital Space Technologies CEO Encik Mohammad Arif Tarmizi and my supervisor Miss Suharnina Farhida binti Ishaq. After that I met with other staff. As usual, on the first day of no work assigned to me just explain me how to work and also little about the background of this company. Digital Space Technologies is a private limited company and was incorporated with the main objective is to provide implementation based on information technology innovation, sales and excellence services. Back to the topic, I was explained by the boss on their latest project is database management system for JKR. This project involves drawing or plan that should be scanned and stored in the database.

2nd & 3rd day

I got instructions from my boss to help miss suharnina to scan the drawing. I helping to pack again drawing after the scan is completed, what can I say is the work is easy and enjoy. I still helping miss suharnina to wrap the drawing, after the completion of a bundle pack, I was brief by kak su on how to use the scanner machine. A few simple steps must be done and then we can scan the drawing or plan. After lunch break, I started to practice what is taught and scan all the drawing by my own. Almost all the drawings in A0-size scan for today. I do this work until the end of working hours.

4th day

As usual, I'm still scanning drawing but this times in different sizes in which A1 size, the work went well for drawing no damaged as to be torn. After finished scan drawing, the supervisor will monitor the work I do to ensure the work is to follow JKR requirements.

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