Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My last week @ DSTSB

Hi everyone :-) I feel relief and quite sad because it is already the last week for my internship program.  Ok first of all, all my work has been complete which all the data completed key in. I felt very thankful to complete all the work even though my work is scanning and key in data. Firstly my indexing work went smoothly until the day Friday. Even a last week, my work is still same as usual. Average around 2000 drawing I already key in. its means my mission has been achieve. In DSTSB, I get a lot of valuable experience during this internship programme. It’s true the working environment is very different. Two important things I learned are the discipline and work commitments. Especially on punctuality and giving 100% commitment on works given.

This experience will I practiced for preparation to enter the real working world after my graduation in 6months time.i felt kind of mixed feelings with joy, fun, sad and manymore. thanz anyway to Digital Space Technologies Sdn Bhd Because Giving meoppurtunity to complete my internship. assalamualikum =)

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